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Brexit…Now What?

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After months and month of constant campaigning to either leave or remain, the public, 17.41m of them have spoken and have voted for the UK to leave the EU.

So what does this mean for the 4.3M British landlords and investors? 

“What about the 16.78m British  homeowners especially the 8.69m of those British  homeowners with a mortgage?”

The British population will still increase at a rate that will exceed the current property building level, even if the UK were to bring a stop to immigration. The UK population is living longer so demand levels are constantly increasing.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) had warned the Brexit could cause a sharp drop in house prices, based on the expectation that the cost of mortgages would rise. But if the Bank of England were forced to cut interest rates on mortgages to save the pound all these projections would be wrong.

The Chancellor suggested during the campaign house pries might drop, the perfect opportunity for any buy to let investor or landlord to start increasing their property portfolio. There is the possibility the British housing market may see a stumble over some obstacles but overall buy to let has been considered a long term investment and thats what it is.

If house prices do fall then that will only create a larger opportunity for investor and landlords to expand their property portfolio or start building their property portfolio. Be sure to sign up to our investment alerts here so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.