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Finding the Right BTL Property

Top Reasons to Inspect Your Property



When finding the right buy to let property, location is paramount. When searching for your buy to let, think about what type of tenants you want to attract. A student, for example, will  want somewhere close to universities, somewhere with easy access whereas a family would prefer something closer to schools, local amenities as well as something with plenty of storage and a garden. Get the location or type of property wrong and you will achieve a lower rent and possibly struggle to find tenants.

How do I choose where to buy?

If you’re just starting out in buy to let, buying a property close to home would be the best idea. Being familiar with the area as well as being close by if something goes wrong are both advantages to having something close by. If you plan to use a letting agent to manage the property then buying somewhere a bit further out can bring you a lot more options.

Find out what type of service you want from your letting agents as well as what they are able to offer to you too. We at Silks specialise in lettings and property management and can help you manage you buy to let portfolio. For further details contact the office on 01924 477999.