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Advantages of Property Investing

Lets look at what makes property investments so attractive. Now the number of people investing in property is growing strongly. Investors are now looking for better returns for their money. For many years, the most common financial advice had been to invest in shares due to the consistent long term useful returns. Either that or […]

Setting Investment Objectives

As with all major life decisions, investing in property is one which needs to be thought through step by step, making sure all the bases are covered. We at Silks like to offer our investors our expertise, not just in finding investment properties but also in ensuring our investors have a strategy in place to […]

Is using a Property Management Agency for you?

The past few weeks have brought on a lot of attention to both landlords and agents. Recent legislation and bills from David Cameron have continued to put landlords and their agents under scrutiny, not to mention the news regarding Foxtons maintenance charges which seemed to stir up quite a bit of attention too. So we […]

Finding Buy To Let Properties for Sale in the UK

As the number of property investors in the UK continues to grow, more and more people are using property search engines to find buy to let properties for sale. It can be quite confusing as there are plenty of websites, some more dominant than others. The more popular ones are, of course, Rightmove and Zoopla. […]

Successful Property Investment in Four Simple Tips

Throughout the past few weeks, our aim has been to educate landlords and investors in the basics of investing. A simple guide to all they need to know about property investments. So now its time to turn the past few weeks into four simple tips. 1. Find THE location Everyone knows that property prices have […]

2016s Legislation Changes

Within the first quarter of 2016, Investors and landlords have already seen many significant changes to legislation regarding the property market. For those new to the industry, here’s a quick update on what’s been happening this year. Right to Rent Back in February, the Government introduced Right to Rent. Under the new legislations, landlords and […]

House Price Inflation Jumped to 9%

  As landlords rushed to beat stamp duty changes in March, official figures show house price inflation jumped by 9%, according to The Office of National Statistics (ONS). The ONS state the figure was up from 7.6% in the year to February. The Council of Mortgage Lender (CML) said £13.8b was lent during the month, […]

Finding the Right BTL Property

    When finding the right buy to let property, location is paramount. When searching for your buy to let, think about what type of tenants you want to attract. A student, for example, will  want somewhere close to universities, somewhere with easy access whereas a family would prefer something closer to schools, local amenities […]

Brexit…Now What?

After months and month of constant campaigning to either leave or remain, the public, 17.41m of them have spoken and have voted for the UK to leave the EU. So what does this mean for the 4.3M British landlords and investors?  “What about the 16.78m British  homeowners especially the 8.69m of those British  homeowners with […]