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Buy to Let Mortgages – What are they?

Buy to Let or BLT for short, is something which seems to come up a lot when it comes to the property market. So what exactly is a buy to let? Buy to let is where a property is bought specifically to be rented out to tenants rather than be lived in by the investor. […]

Finding the Right BTL Property

    When finding the right buy to let property, location is paramount. When searching for your buy to let, think about what type of tenants you want to attract. A student, for example, will  want somewhere close to universities, somewhere with easy access whereas a family would prefer something closer to schools, local amenities […]

Brexit…Now What?

After months and month of constant campaigning to either leave or remain, the public, 17.41m of them have spoken and have voted for the UK to leave the EU. So what does this mean for the 4.3M British landlords and investors?  “What about the 16.78m British  homeowners especially the 8.69m of those British  homeowners with […]