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What your tenant wants

With the ever increasing house prices, it looks as though landlords in England are in the midst of a booming rental market whilst tenants are still struggling to move up the property ladder. Now more than half of tenants would prefer to buy their own house but the larger required deposits seem to make it […]

Three Simple Steps

Three Simple Steps to Evicting Your Tenants Sometimes evicting your tenants isn’t as hard as it seems. Nor does it have to be for any reason other than wanting possession of your property, for whatever reason.  However, whether you’re evicting your tenants for personal reasons or whether they haven’t paid the rents, the process is […]

A Legal Update Reminder

Come October 1st, the new legislations surrounding the evictions and possession proceedings are coming into effect. So here’s a quick reminder of whats in store. Retaliatory Evictions Back in February 2015, we wrote about ‘the revenge eviction’, more details of which can be found on our blog post. So in an effort to stop ‘rogue […]