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Tenant FAQ


Our Mission: Silks Estate aims to find you a property in which you can feel at home. We guarantee you to make the tenancy process from viewing a property to moving in as simple as possible.

For many people out there it will be a first time procedure to go through the tenancy process, Silks Estate would like to take the opportunity to assure you that we care.

Why choose silks                          

Silks Estate specifically specialises in lettings and property management. Our target is to research and gain knowledge about local areas so we can offer you the best advice in regards to properties and its facilities suiting your requirements, for example properties which are closer to schools, businesses, health and care, corner shops and much more.

Individuals at Silks Estate have been trained professionally by the property specialists, so tenants could be assisted with the assurance that their requirements will be considered and will receive a happy and problem-free tenancy.

We take pride to announce that our office will continue to liaise and look after tenants throughout the rental period.

Our office maintains a database of available rental properties, and prospective tenants.  As soon as properties become available our first action is to contact prospective tenants on the database whose requirements match the property. If you are a tenant looking for a rental property then please call Silks Estates.